Why Men Resent Women

Hundreds of reasons exist why one man or another resents a woman at one time or another—or maybe all women all the time. But there is one huge underlying reason why mankind resents womankind, and that is: Women control 100% of the world’s supply of pussy.

Sounds a bit comical? But you know it’s true. And it has meanings and consequences far deeper than we may realize. Speaking at a glandular and deeply behavioral level, women control something that most men can’t do without. That’s a perfect formula for resentment—and sometimes seething hatred.

Behaviorally speaking, men are wired to be addicted to women and to spread their sperm as widely as possible. In contrast, women are wired up to seek the best sperm to produce their offspring. From a primordial viewpoint, this is how men and women use each other. Unfortunately, our current societal rules conflict with our primordial missions.

Recently, another psychopathic male took firearms to a women’s gym and killed or wounded over a dozen young women—none of which he was acquainted with or had any relationship with. Law enforcement has since determined this deranged man had a deep-seated resentment toward women. Well, duh!

The actions of that pathetic psychopath is the tiniest visible icy point of a huge unseen and unappreciated iceberg of male resentment and hatred toward women.

I’m sure to receive hate mail because some readers will interpret my viewpoint as misogynous. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I resent the world’s mistreatment of women. I detest the subjugation and enslavement women in many countries and cultures are forced to endure. Looking closer to home, I resent the moralism and laws that prevent a woman from being a courtesan–or whatever other profession she may choose, long as she doesn’t cause harm to people or property. That freedom would serve to greatly reduce the underlying current of male resentment and adversarial feelings about women.

A report titled Prostitution and Sex Crimes by the Independent Institute of Washington, DC estimates that legalized prostitution would reduce the number of rapes in the U.S. by about 25,000 per year.

The bottom line for me is that we should not resent women. Rather, we should resent the artificial regulations, laws, and belief systems that prevent and punish what would otherwise be normal sexual behavior between men and women.

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7 Comments on “Why Men Resent Women”

  1. One Pissed off Male Says:

    Personally I agree with legalizing prostitution for one very simple reason: “A report titled Prostitution and Sex Crimes by the Independent Institute of Washington, DC estimates that legalized prostitution would reduce the number of rapes in the U.S. by about 25,000 per year.” Germany seems to understand how this works. but here in America? nope.

  2. Jackie Says:

    Is this why homosexuality among men is on an up swing? Is it that they really hate women?

    • Eduardo Monteverde Says:

      I’m sure there are many possible answers to this question; it’s a complex problem. Or, is it even a problem? However, a much larger percentage of males keep their sexual drive into middle age and beyond compared to females. While most of the women are saying “no” to you, an increasing number of men are saying, “try me.”

    • Dyaul Says:

      Wow, 2 ludicrous assertions from Jackie. I hope that you were just making a joke. First of all, what evidence do you have that homosexuality is on an up swing? Can you cite statistics on how many homosexuals there were in the 1940’s, 1800’s, the 1200’s, or during the Roman period? In all likelihood the rate of homosexuality is the same as it has always been, it’s just less hidden and less stigmatized now than it used to be. What’s on an upswing is the rate of divorce, broken homes, damaged childhoods and single-parent families. A lot of those marriages and families might have stayed together if the wives had not cut their husbands off without negotiation or explanation.

      Secondly, straight men don’t go gay out of resentment towards women. No matter how many times I may see a quarterback running in tight pants, I am NEVER going to want a piece of that. Straight men have something called porn to help them deal with their frustration. Porn is often offensive or degrading and is never a substitute for the real thing, but it also isn’t cheating. A warning sign for a relationship gone bad is that the man is looking at porn a lot more than usual. This is because the woman has lost interest in him sexually, and probably in every other way as well, except as a financial resource. Consequentially the man also helps out less around the house and a vicious feedback loop of mutual resentment is established. If a guy in this situation isn’t looking at porn, he may be cheating, or spending long hours immersing himself in his work and hobbies, or just getting drunk all the time with his buddies. Either way he won’t be present for his wife.

      I don’t agree with the OP’s implication that prostitution will significantly reduce men’s resentment (notice I didn’t say hatred) of women. Never mind the harm that prostitution does to women and to public health- most men are not going to ever go to a prostitute or even want to do so. Men want sex with the woman they love much more than they would want it with some stranger; it’s also a huge turnoff to have to pay for it because that’s like saying to yourself that you’re not desirable enough to get sex voluntarily.

      Many (heterosexual) men are angry because their wives and girlfriends either use sex to manipulate them or ignore their needs entirely. A large number of husbands lead lives of quiet desperation, going for years without sex, but caring too much for their wife or children to leave the marriage. These men go through the motions, giving cards and gifts on anniversaries and special occasions; but inside, they are slowly dying. They have been emasculated and enslaved, degraded to eunuch status; receiving the message that they are not worthy as a man and a human being. They feel that they are no more than a paycheck to their wives. No amount of porn, alcohol, golf, guitars or football is ever going to substitute for physical intimacy in a marriage. Women act so shocked and self-righteously indignant when the children are grown and out of the home and suddenly the husband also leaves, to pursue a younger woman who still has a pulse. The bottom line is, no sex, no marriage.

  3. Jim Garner Says:

    I think men resent women because, they used to need men 40 or 50 years ago, but in today’s modern world they no longer need us.This hurts a man’s ego terribly and we need women much more now than we did back in the 1960’s or 1970’s.

  4. Roxanne Johnson Says:

    Women resent men because they place so much value on their looks….so it’s a two way street!

    • Tickleme Says:

      All you need to do is look good and a man will give you a car, a house, property, insurance, access to tons of conveniences, children, social standing, internet access, a big wedding that costs the same as a small car etc etc.

      Men have to provide all of that plus look like an MMA fighter so she can show him off to her friends. How about them apples?

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