The Suffering of Celibacy

Nature always ensures variety. That’s one of god’s best jokes on us. Seriously, look everywhere in nature and you’ll always find a certain amount of variety in the mix.

Among the male population, there is always a certain percentage of queers. Among the female population, we always have a certain percentage of lesbians. That is as it should be. And it doesn’t matter about culture, religion, family values or any of that other superficial stuff. There will always be a variety, no matter how hard we try to hide it.

Historically, there have always been a few women with male genitals and a few men with female genitals. And among heterosexual males, we have a complete range from very high libido to very low libido. The same for women. Naturally, the men with high libido will spread their sperm around a lot more than the men with little or no libido. There must be some point in this plan.

From what I’ve seen, the guys with low libido may not get as much sex, but overall they are happier than the high-libido men, especially in modern western culture. The high-libido guys have a very strong need, whereas the low-libido guys don’t give a damn. The biggest problem in my own life right now is a libido that’s too high with no healthy “acceptable” way to burn it off. I’d be very happy with my high libido, IF I got to use it.

If a high-libido male marries a woman who consistently keeps him well “serviced” most of his life, then he is a very lucky guy, indeed. But even if he marries the hottest horniest woman he can find, his natural drive for sexual variety may ultimately cause him unhappiness. That’s because his hot and horny wife won’t tolerate the other women, and she’ll leave him. What the hell, we should make Tiger Woods our poster boy.

But once again, I digress. Fortunately, most of the high-libido males end up married to women who keep their man more or less “happy”—that is, until she hits menopause or some other change in her life that causes her to lose interest in doing her wifely duties. And now, we got real trouble.

The high-libido man married to a low-libido woman (or NO libido woman) has a major cross to bear in our society. Either he becomes a “cheater” and is disdained by western womanhood, or he will suffer for many years until his testicles shrivel up like prunes and stop functioning.

In the meantime, he will have prostate and urinary problems. A high drive for sex with no outlet causes prostate congestion. A chronically congested prostate develops prostatitis and often prostate cancer. Many sexually frustrated men manifest what is, in most locker rooms, known as “blue balls.” The testicles swell and become sore. Also, some of these sexual problems manifest themselves as bladder infections and other urinary problems.

Chronic sexual frustration develops into mental and neurological problems for some men. Apparently, a number of secondary problems grow out of long-term sexual frustration, but very little definitive research has been done in this area.

The thrusting muscles in a man’s buttocks, abdomen, pelvis and thigh areas slowly get weaker over a period of time because of disuse. Of course, masturbation doesn’t help this problem at all. One very common medical problem that men suffer as a result of a lack of fucking is low back pain. My chiropractor volunteered that information without my asking. And, after a long period of no sex, when a man tries to make a “comeback,” he often causes himself injuries and even more back problems.

Where sex is concerned, the healthiest life for a man is to have a steady diet of as much sex as he feels that he needs, and to have an outlet other than his wife or girlfriend if he feels that is necessary and desired. My, my, wouldn’t that be nice. That’s why legal prostitution is beneficial to male health. Unfortunately, we American men have gotten ourselves backed into an unhealthy corner with nowhere to go.

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6 Comments on “The Suffering of Celibacy”

  1. udolipixie Says:

    Are you for female “cheaters” once they reach their sexual peak and their husbands can’t maintain an erection?

    Are you for female “cheaters” who have a high libido?

    Are you for female “cheaters” who see hotter guys than her current partner?

    Are you for female “cheaters” who aren’t satisfied with their partner’s size?

    • Eduardo Monteverde Says:

      Yes on all counts. However, I don’t use the term “cheaters.” If she needs more than she’s getting at home, she needs the freedom to get it elsewhere. Anything else is sexual slavery.

  2. Mike Says:

    This is silly. You’re saying that man should spread his seed as much as possible because it will keep frustration away, more or less, if he’s a high-libido guy.

    Well, let me tell you something, and it goes to all males out there: EJACULATION WEAKENS BOTH BODY AND MIND. And the reason for this is obvious. Sperm is manufactured out of your cellular energy, which is provided by food. The making of sperm taxes EVERY ORGAN in the body, EVEN THE BRAIN. As soon as you don’t have sperm, the body starts producing some, at the expense of other functions. Seems like a stiff price to pay for a few seconds of orgasmic pleasure.

    I’ve been celibate for almost two months now and I was the type of guy who sometimes masturbated 3 times a day. I feel stronger now more than ever. My mind is quick and sharp. Memory has improved by leaps and bounds. It’s amazing.

    You complain about muscles athrophying and all, but that’s easily avoidable. There are countless exercises to strenghten any part of the body, even the penis and surrounding areas. Done regularly, no problem will arise. As for the back pain, it’s normal, in the beggining, and if the sexual energy is sent up the spine (do not try this without proper Yoga or Tai Chi training), the pain should leave within a month or two at most.

    At the very worse, if you want to enjoy sex and still have the benefits of keeping your seed, the you should look into exercising the PC muscle, and learning to stop ejaculation at will, or have an orgasm without ejaculating. There are many ways. A little research should see you through if you’re interested. Good luck.

    • Eduardo Monteverde Says:

      No, I didn’t say anything like that. What I DID say was that a man should be able to pursue legal, safe, and enjoyable alternatives to unwanted celibacy.

  3. Ricardo Says:

    I have to agree with the legal alternative suggestion. I was involuntarily celibate for 30 years, and when I finally got married, nothing worked anymore. I wish I had some sort of legal alternative back then.

  4. Missy Says:

    Hello, I would like to defend my 61 year old female self. I’m am so crazy horny all the time but the old guys either can’t, stink like cigarette smoke or have such an insufferable habit that I can’t seem to find anyone. The men over 60 I’ve met don’t smell clean.

    When I was in my 20’s sex was not good. Period. By the time I hit forty five it was getting better. Since age 55 I could do it 3-4 times a day and it takes the least little thing to set me off into a wet mess. I just want to have someone to hold on to all night and make little wiggles against him during the night. I need it bad.

    I would prefer a man around my age but have given up and am going to have to retrain my thinking to someone in their 40’s I guess. I could not think about anyone younger than that I am sure. I would love to hear from some older guys who want a relationship with someone who needs sex as bad as I do.

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