How Much Do You Need Your Testicles?

First off, let me make this absolutely clear: I am NOT recommending to male readers that they have their nuts whacked off. If for no other reason, I’m not sure about the health implications of becoming a eunuch. From my own life experience, I know that almost everybody who ever had any body part removed ultimately regretted it.  So if you have an orchiectomy, that’s the end of your “manhood,” period. You can’t get it back. Testes are also part of the endocrine system, and they make other things besides sperm. One very interesting question: Do eunuchs live longer than their masculine counterparts?

Several Internet sites offer advice on how to perform self-castration. If you’re really determined to get rid of your nads, spend some time researching the idea first. An acquaintance did it himself by putting a couple of very strong rubber bands around his scrotum. After a day or so, his testicles turned completely black. He went to the emergency room and they finished the job quickly and painlessly. As for myself, IF I wanted to become sexless, I believe that I would make prior arrangements for the service with a doctor in Mexico and go there.

For me, losing all hope of ever having sex with a woman seems to be a dismal fate. However, the chief reason that seems so scary is because I WANT to have sex with women so badly. But if I didn’t have the driving obsession created by my balls, then I wouldn’t care about sex with women—or any kind of sex whatsoever. And what are the odds that I, an old guy with wrinkles and graying hair, am ever going to have a pleasurable satisfying sexual relationship again? And, is it worth going through another divorce?

I keep thinking that for me, the whole problem could be resolved by a nice, legal, well-managed upscale bordello. Two or three visits per month, and I probably wouldn’t be writing this blog.

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4 Comments on “How Much Do You Need Your Testicles?”

  1. Oroboros Says:

    You’ve written some interesting things Eduardo, and there’s a lot to which I could respond in this and your previous blogs. I’ll catch up on them as time permits.

    For me, losing all hope of ever having sex with a woman seems to be a dismal fate.

    I’ve recently (as a result of my Radical Honesty practice) given up on the hope of ever having sex again. In my case I probably have enough youth left (41) that, given a willingness to deceive, I could find a new sex partner every month or more.

    It is a terrifying thought because I do love sex. Perhaps I’m in a better position because I can use masturbation quite effectively to blunt the edge of desire. I also have a couple friends who want to just cuddle from time to time so I’m not touch-deprived (grooming in primates stimulates low-level release of opioids that reinforces social relationships). But even with those comforts of porn and cuddling, the thought I’ll never have sex again still scares me and seems like a dismal fate. I’ve also accepted it and decided that it will be OK.

    Knowing how I can be, I’ve formed a plan to ensure that I won’t backslide and be manipulative or deceitful with a woman I’m attracted to. I created a list of “10 reasons why most women won’t sleep with me”. I’ve read that to a woman I found mutual interest with, and she found one reason on it that was a complete stopper for her. The spirit of the list is I’d rather be good friends than bad lovers and that is what has come out of that meeting, so I feel like I succeeded on the first attempt.

    I’ve found a way to embrace my self-imposed sentence of celibacy even as it scares me. I imagine that your blog here is part of how you’re coming to acceptance of your situation. Is there a way that you can affirmatively decide and make it your choice to never have sex again and be happy to have the choice? I mean doing that without castration, but an ability to just appreciate your desires without needing fulfillment. There is a curious paradox to your statement in another blog about having trouble getting aroused when the opportunity presented itself, even as you have the desire. That could be physiological and of course there’s plenty of spammers out there to help you with that, but it could be psychological too.

    There’s something about neediness that sends women running away, and something about disinterest that draws them in. I’m not suggesting manipulation here, but that the right mindset leaves you happy being horny and celibate in a way that is also attractive to some women. If you can’t escape your fate, embrace it and enjoy it.

    I recently fasted from all solid foods for three days. The first bowl of soup I had when breaking that fast was intensely pleasurable and just smelling it and appreciating the texture was almost satisfying enough. I savored every bite and ate slower than I ever have before. And I don’t even like soup!

    I mention this because there are parallels between physical and sexual hungers. I abstained from masturbation during my fast because I wanted to voluntarily experience both hunger and horniness and not run from or feed them with something (so that meant also abstaining from the Internet and being willing to experience boredom).

  2. Eduardo Monteverde Says:

    (What appears to be) your philosophy toward women is very interesting: “I’d rather be good friends that bad lovers.” And for women with whom I have any kind of personal relationship, that philosophy works well for me too.

    However, there’s another situation that I like, which can be characterized with, “I appreciate your enthusiastic and talented sexual services. I want to reward you appropriately, but we don’t necessarily have to be friends.”

  3. Oroboros Says:

    I do understand that situation and have long been a fan of the Peter McWilliams book Ain’t Nobody’s Business if You Do. Have you read it? The whole thing is available free at that link.

    I do believe that decriminalization of the sex trade is necessary to improve the safety and well-being of both prostitutes and their customers.

    Speaking of safety, here’s one more link of interest you’ve probably seen: Swiss Hookers Trained to Use Defibrillators

  4. p Says:

    seeking mutual castration in a

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